CHOICES tpp was created with the taxpayer's convenience in mind. This service operates similar to an escrow service.  Following a few simple steps, CHOICES tpp allows you to control your own schedule of tax payments toward current tax bills.  We provide safe and secure withdrawals from your account directly to the Kankakee County Treasurer.

By using our convenient, paperless payment processing, you can keep control of your yearly real estate tax payments. For those of you not interested in paying online, you may make tax prepayments in any amount and at any time at the Treasurer's Office.   Please remember the choice to prepay your real estate taxes is totally voluntary.  Also, if payment amounts do not equal the amount due for first and second installments, at the time they are due, your taxes will be considered delinquent and you will be charged the state-mandated interest amount of 1.5% per month.


Can I still just make the 2 installments listed on my tax bill?

Of course.  This is a totally voluntary program to offering additional tax payment choices.

Do I have to commit to a payment schedule?

Yes and No. Online you will be required to set a schedule but there will be no penalty for not following it. Additionally, payments made by mail or in-person don't require any sort of schedule.

Can I pay multiple parcels on this program?


Will I receive a coupon book to make these payments?

No. However, if you sign up the online program you will receive email reminders approximately 3 days before payment is taken.

May I make a prepayment at a bank that accepts tax payments? 

No. Prepayments can only be made online, by mail, or in person at the Treasurer's Office.

Is there any incentive for paying early?

Unfortunately, there is not.  This program is merely an effort to make paying taxes more convenient.

How many prepayments can I make?

You can make as many as you want as long as the total installment amount due is paid by the due date for each installment.

May I mail in prepayments in different amount?

Yes. You control the amount of each prepayment.

What happens if I cannot make additional payments?

Nothing. The prepayment plan was designed to help you deposit funds toward your future tax payment.

How much does it cost to make prepayments?

Online it costs $1.00 for every echeck payment and 2.25% for credit card payments.  If payments are made at the Treasurer's Office, there is no charge for any payment types except credit cards, which are 2.25% (the county does not receive this money).

How do I know what my future tax bill amount will be?

Exact amounts aren't available until tax bill are mailed in early May.  You can estimate your projected tax amount based on your previous year's taxes.

May I prepay an entire installment or both installments at one time?

Yes. You can pay whatever is most convenient for you.

Does the program stop any penalties being applied to my balance after the due date?

No. The state-mandated penalty of 1.5% per month still accrues on the unpaid balance after each due date.

What happens if I still haven't paid my full taxes after the 2nd installment date?

You will incur late fee at 1.5% per month and if these taxes remain owing at the time of tax sale, they will be offered at our annual tax sale.

Can my taxes still be sold if I am in the program?

Yes.  If you have not paid the amount of taxes due by their respective due dates, your taxes are eligible to be sold.

Can I use this plan to pay delinquent taxes?

No. This plan is only for current taxes.

Escrow payments without the bank

Homeowner selects payment frequency

Automatic calculation or specific payment amount options

Unlimited number of parcels in a single transaction

Credit card, debit card, checking or savings account withdrawal

Notifications and Receipts with every transaction

Automated payment files for Treasurer to post